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The Importance of Acceptance Criteria

Build the product right while building the right product

Acceptance criteria are an important part to the iterative planning process when working under an agile methodology.  Having clearly defined acceptance criteria, that are written in line with your user stories, is an essential way to ensure you and your team know when the story has been completed.

Acceptance criteria helps to remove the confusion and uncertainty in the team and it is important to have the right people in the room when creating these. Each role has it’s place in the agile team, each with a set of skills that add to the quality of the acceptance criteria.

We can avoid nasty surprises at the end of the sprint, by ensuring we have clearly defined acceptance criteria before any code has been written.

We can ensure that we are building the product right, by constantly reviewing and checking off the acceptance criteria, we can ensure we are building the right product by having the discussions with the people that matter before any code has been written.

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