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Engaging with your Internal Testing Community

Many organisations are moving towards an Agile approach to the work environment; instead of having teams consisting purely of testers, the teams are now set up consisting of multiple functions. An example of an agile team is one which could consist of Developers, a Business Analyst, Product Owner and a Tester. While there are many benefits to this approach, such as the ability to work with all roles when thinking, designing and creating features or products, a challenge has been ensuring the internal testing community is still able to engage with each other regularly.

Ensuring testers communicate and meet with each other regularly, regardless of whether they are in another team, or not, is important. It’s essential that you are able to talk with other testers to discuss test techniques, share approaches you have taken, or to discuss potential issues that you need to troubleshoot.

In this blog post, I’m going to cover why it is important to have an internal testing community, i’ll outline some methods to keep the internal testing community alive, as well as some tools that I find helpful in my workplace.

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