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What are “Mnemonics”?

Mnemonics are rhymes or acronyms, these are used to help memorise long, complicated or complex things. Generally it’s easier to memorise a rhythm or acronym and then use that to fill out the information that is associated with that rhyme or acronym. It is used as a memory aid.

In testing, mnemonics can be used as a starting point to work through ideas on what areas might be impacted by a new feature or a change.  They help with asking the right questions and help with identifying the areas and functions that need testing. They can help come up with ideas on where you might find “oracles”, which can be used to identify if the application is functioning as designed.  

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There are a lot of testing techniques which can be applied while testing a product or application. The techniques used is context dependent, meaning it depends on what you are testing.

While a testing technique might work well in one situation, it may not be suitable in another. It is important to know many different testing techniques so that you can apply the right ones, in the right situation.

This blog post series hopes to cover a few of the techniques I use when testing web applications in a fast-paced agile environment.

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